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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Message to the Upper Management

My Message to the Upper Management:

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. There is an idea ,and ideas are PIPproof !

Moving on To HSBC !!!!

Finally !!! I have clinced a Good Position within HSBC. And I thought all hopes were lost ever since 6 months ago. Its high time I left DBS (been wanting to do that since Dec). Really glad to sign the contract despite a 2 years bond. Looking forward, I see my career objective still in place, a Renwed Passion and Drive in me has once again emerged from the ashes, Im Ready to Rock and Roll !!! 2 to 3 Years down the Road, I hope to be of someone financial powerful and possessing a status most would sought after in the Financial World.

I have no regrets in steeping into DBS despite all the complains I made, I have learnt much and I have learnt what I have needed to learn. If only the everything was more sincere, if only, I could be made to feel more appreciated by them, if only, all the changes were for the better which till today my answer would still be 'no', it was not for the better the way I see it. I could be wrong down the road, but I stand firm by my views and observations.I still wish everyone in DBS the very Best. My Message to them, 'Strive Hard, Know what you Want, Stay Focus and never be afraid to step out of that Little Box or Comfort Zone of Yours to pursue your Dreams. As long as you never give up, there will always be Hopes and Dreams. The World is yours to Thrive In.'

Looking ahead at the end of tunnel, I see Light. Life ahead will be much tougher, there will be many more complains, there will be many more hard works. But as long as all these Hard Work does not go down the drain, Everything I strive for will be made WorthWhile...

Watch Over Divine One....henceforth I Pray...


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Im drained and tired from Dec 2005

This Dec has been an exceptionally strenous,tiring and stressful month for me. Filling in 3 pples' jobs and playing the role of Branch Manager, Relationship Manager and Sales Support Officer is taking a toll on me and i reckon im losing weight and spirit.From attending Branch manager Meetings, coming up with ideas to improve Sales Management, coming up with Big Five ideas every morning, conferencing every morning 8am, gathering info and handling 3 branches everyday, doing financial advises and sales to clients, helping Relationship Officers in topping up SRS acocunts for clients, to collecting info on sales and bathcing down documents. All these to be done every single day, Im draining away. What I thought was to be a relaxing Dec where I could relax, sip coffee, go for breakfast and read my daily newspapers have turned out to be a hell on a loose.

Simply cause the BM is on leave, The RMs all but me and one other on leave, the SSOs have centralised, and gosh, one of the sats i was the only one man standing, it got so busy and bad the service staff and me quarrelled, there is only so much i can do, and tell me, how many RMs are willing to really as in RUN physcially to speed things up? And also cause, i have to impress the head in case i continue to stay in the bank and to move up the ladder. Its a price to pay and i guess Im willing to pay the price but of course it makes a tremendous lot of difference if SSOs are around. Im very tired already.Furthermore of all times, customer complains to come in, it makes things really really really bad. Along with a stand in BM that is selfish, unwilling to help, makes things worse for you, and sometimes it really makes u wonder if this bank is worth staying after all you hgave done and contributed. The world out there could be a bigger one for me and im still waiting and im still open to anything and everything.I believe Im capable for much much more.

I need a break after all these, to a far off land, to a place to relax and destress, where there are palm trees, and clear water and beaches, away from the cities. I want to be away from the crowd, and the hustle and bustle of pple, away from shopping, these are not the places i want to go in these few mths, i really need a quiet break, to reflect about my life and the future, to reconsider and to look ahead again. Im tired for the moment, Ive done my best in what Im supposed to do, now im drained and i need to set myself free from all these in dec.

There should have been more staff made avaiable from Sales to service and sales support especially this dec . This is really tiring and frustrating every single day.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wats the point of Givin Comments / Im Born to Lead

Sunday.It was a day of roadshow and i hate it, i need rest, i need life, im no insurance agent, im a banker.Never bothered to closed any deals today, i see clients coming in, or staff pulling them in, i kind of walked away instead, i just want to get over the whole shit and go home and rest, i lack rest..

The Area Business Manager came in round the end of the roadshow and called a few of us in. She thanked us for attending this road show despite drawing nothing and burning our weekend off, and asked for comments to improve the district management as a whole.As Usual, she would point out to me for comments or answers with the words,'Ivan, you r the most outspoken RM i have, u got huge potential, you possess strong leadership and u can become a Branch manager, do u have any comments?

My thoughts ran as i sprouted out what comments i have about roadshows. The words 'strong leadership and Branch manager kept ringing past my head, Branch manager.' These were the inital reasons and ambition i carried in me when i first step into DBS, it was not to porgress to Treasures nor offshore nor even Private Banking, it was never to stay in sales, it was to progress to management level and progress within that arena. However, at a tender age of 25, when pple still deemed as too young and inexperienced, no matter how talented, special or influential u r, they may never really seriously consider u to become a Branch manager. Yet, taht is what i really desire , never insales but in management. I do not know how long i have to wait to progress into management, and yet im totally weary and fed up of staying in the sales line with DBS , in my mind, I might as well keep progressing up the sales line till one day im deemed suitable and powerful enough to enter management. But not within DBS, i see no potential with the sales arena in DBS but rather with other foreign banks.

But should i NOW at this VERY MOMENT be offered the postion of Branch manager, even with the intention of leaving DBS already currently, I would gladly take the resposnsibility of being a BM and stay in DBS, cause thats where I feel i trulty belong. And i have the bloody guts to lay down my life and head and proclaim that I can become a far better and strong BM than almost any BM within our Area, I will look you into the eye and I will tell you that I lay my life down that I will be a better leader anytime than anyone, and I have taht much confidence. What I lack in experience, I will supercede it with willpower, passion, determination, energy, creativity and strong leadership.

I was born to lead, and not to be led....I believe I was born talented,different and special...I say this not with arrogance, but with pure frankness and clear awareness of my strengths and weakness.

But for now...I guess....its still entrenched in the sales arena...where I bring my talents to, I hope I will soon find out....

Regarding comments on how to improve the Area Management, well my Area Business Manager, comments I will give, reasonable and rational comments I will provide, but yet my expecatations still stands, there werent be any drastic improvemnts nor significant changes....simply cause the final major decisions still lies in the higher order which i really doubt their ability to make correct and rational decisions...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Moving on by end of this month...?

I have this Gut Feeling that i will be reporting to a different bank of a higher prestige by end of this month. It may or may not happen, but something tells me it will. This week will determine if such a scenario may occur....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Health overules career

Our health is always the most important asset in your life. career maybe vital, but without a proper bodya nd mind, a career can never flourish. A career once fail, can be resurrected again, but a body once collapse, can never be resurrected again. So my dear friends, if you are reading this blog, take heed and keep it in mind, your health is everything to you, take Good Care of it.....its the start of everything that revolves around you, if it collapse, everything around you and within you will also collapse...I love you guys...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 Slave to Technology

Technology was created by humans. It was created to assist the progression of the human race,a tool i should save, a tool that should be the slave of the human race. But it seems, things have changed gradually, with the advancement of technology progressing rapidly, a progression in a way that seems too fast for humans to digest, the result of which Global Warming emerges. The destruction of trees and nature to fill the greed of humans have caused countless and consecutive natural disasters all round the world. Countless of deaths and loss of lives have ocurred. What I know witness, is that technology is no longer slave to humans, its the other way round, the tables have changes, humans are now slaves to technology.

I hope that mankind can one day, come to their senses and have the foresight that Global Warming is every bit REAL....the sooner the better...time is running out...

IT is the start of everything....but it will also be the End of everything....

Monday, October 31, 2005

Shanghai, everything that could happen did happen...

Shanghai, a wonderful trip altogether. Never have I encountered so many things in one single trip.Investment and business opportunities,Clubbing,eating like a King,shopping,sightseeing,culturally inspired villas,dogs,missed flights, celebrity,friendship fostering, brotherhood.

I did heaps of shopping, buying for myself, my loved ones, my firends and my colleagues. Shanghai was a shopping and eating haven.Practically everything was cheap. I bought tons of wallets,dvds, clothes and stuff, it was really great. The prices of Chinese food was amazing !!! U can eat like a King in a luxurious Chinese Restaurant never seen in SG b4 and all u pay is simply food court prices. This restaurant called Dynasty Restaurant particularly impressed and amazed me. With da vinci Gold mounted furniture in a white like palaced inspired architecture, it served wonderful chinese cuisine that swept us off our feet.

Next was Japanese Restaurant Shintori which David brought us to. Thank God there is him, he showed the way of 'cool' life in Shanghai. Shintori was one Jap place SG can never find. Simple and authentic yet bewildering and awe struck.But the food was pretty normal, yet the atmostphere more than made up for it.

Everey single classy restaurant seems to possess a uniqu character of their own, be architecture, sense of space and geography, service and food or drinks, they never failed to impress me. Even the drinking places that david took us too for amazing and very much enjoyable and relaxing.

The city lights are like Las Vegas, alive and thriving with prosperity with their countless neon lights. I see progress, I see tons and tons of opportunities within this city, I see ideas in my every ambitious mind.

However, of course Shanghai is not all that perfect. The countless of human bodies that exist in China, does cause tons of havey traffic. Drivers seem extremelt reckless,a red light oesnt seem to mean anything to drivers and they still speed through. Sometimes it seems rather safer to cross when its green light than if its red light. Zebra crossing to them seem to mean that its only for zebras themselves to cross and not human beings !!! Bicycle riders dun seem to take heed of your presence as the ride through. Countless of Chinese pple seem to develop an uncanny habit of spitting and spitting on the roads which disgusted me.

Brotherhood and frienship fostering was very much alive, through this trip, each of us best friends got to know each other even better. It was our first overseas trip together even though we may have known each other for almost 2 decades. One night, I was wasted and almost drunk after a night of clubbing. A couple of beers after my losses in Indian poker with the lads, next a bottle of Heineken at the clubbing bar, add on a few drips of hard liquor by the sexy bar top dancer who took a fancy of pouring the lungs bursting whisky down my throat, I was practically dead and heavy breathing right after.The lads had to pull me home, wrapped me up in the blanket as i was cold and felt like puking, added me pillows underneath my head and my dear fren Daniel even took the liberty to place a warm towel on my forehead by sweet, thank you brother !!!! I played too hard, but thats cuase i work hard too.

the Dogs were really cute at the villas that was owned by Chengyu's dad....there were Siberian Huskies,German Sheperds,snousers and some really fluffy brown coated mens' best friends. My welcome door gift? A siberian husky marking his territory within 5 mins of meeting me, peeing write onto my pants and he did it real quick that i could react???!!! Good grieves !!! What the???!!! I was shocked....but sigh...I had great fun with them, they were lovely and fun to be with...

To top it off......there was HK actress Charlie Young !!!! Took a pic with her b4 I left foe the airport. She was really nice and friendly. When she knew we were from SG, i guess it kind of dan upon her memories of her ex-husband. But she was really nice, obliging and friendly, cheers to u Charlie !!!

Rushing to airport, the taxi driver was a real Formula 1 driver, he was really good, cutting lanes and overtaking, we reach the airport at our target time. But guess wat, just as we reach the counter, our plane took off !!! We got the time wrong !!! Our flight wasnt 255pm but 225pm !!! Gosh !!! We missed our flight !!!! No choice, first time such a scenario occurred to me, Daniel and I decided to take the 430pm flight. Out of a sense of curiosity, since I failed to getEmergency exit seats in my actual flight despite my attempts to check in early via phone and the net, i decided to just ask the SQ counter gal if there were still emerggency seats left despite us gate crashing tino this later flight. Viola !!! There actually is !! wow !!! wat a change of fortunes, a blessing in disguise, amazing...this trip !!!

The Trip on the plane was pleasant minus a storm and some turbulance...the cabin crews were real nice on this of them kept smiling at me through the flight...and we were descending on Changi, she sat in front diagonally of me and kept smiling and smiling at me that I felt a little wierd. She took the initative to befriend me and we quickly became friends. She found my return smile extremely warm, i guess she is a nice lady and a fine cabin crew.

Coming back to homeland, i brought back many wonderful memories and this was one trip that everythat which could did happen....experiences and memories that will stay for a long time....memories that Im penning it down here...

Will i come back to Shanghai again? Definitely...Will I consider working in Shanghai for a couple of months or so, getting out of my comfort zone in SG....? Definitely, but my heart still lies with my loved ones in SG...Will i seek business opportunites and property investments in Shanghai? Why not, nothing can stop me when I set my Heart to it...

Shanghai, a land of thousand wonders and dreams....a land of thousand opportunities....where everything and anything can happen...